2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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The Return of The Summer

This photo, I have made ​​in the beergarden of our restaurant. The weather for October is just fantastic. The sun is shining, 22 degrees, the plants themselves appear trying to get in summer mood. I saw the previous days, a similar posts from Germany with the same plant. When I saw the plant today I got the idea to recreate the photo. Unfortunately I can not find the post to reinstate the link.

The photo was edited only slightly with Snapseed.


Amsterdam Pigeon

This Photo was made on a 4 days trip to Amsterdam. Here i wanted to capture the bridge and the red Houses. I hoped that the people and the traffic on the bridge to bring more movement into the picture. But this was not the case. I have already noted from the previous day, the pigeons in the old city. So I went to the nearest bakery and picked up a muffin. So I fed the pigeons so they came before the lens of the iphones. After 11 photos I finally had one that I liked! The pigeon is landing just before with open wings and stands in the middle between the two houses and the bridge.

The photo was edited only slightly with Snapseed.


Bull Posing

The night before I went to go for walkies with Leo and Bull. When Leo opened the door to the kennel, Bull began running toward him. After a few pats he went with his front legs on a stone and posirte to get his massage. I liked his pose so I pulled out my iPhone and took a photo.

This afternoon I had a bit of time when drinking coffee so I opened the photo with “Snapseed“. After a few refinements I saved it in “camera roll” to open it in “Camera +“. There I added “Cloudy” in “Scenes”, then by “FX Effects” / “Special” / “Overlay” to 50% and saved to open it again in “Camera +”  adding the filter “Fashion” under “FX Effects” / “Retro”. For “Borders” I chose “Vignette.”

Jaguar Steering Wheel

monochrome80iso suggested me to try out “Snapseed“. So yesterday I was on the road with my Brother. To kill time at a stop I made some photos of the steering wheel. Today i wanted to enhance the photos so that the structure, of the steering wheel, comes forth. I remembered the tip of peter and wanted to give it a try. I was not disappointed the app is great! I experimented a bit with the app, and that came out of it. What do you think ? did i get it right with showing the structure?


Chilling Mother

Today it was a hot day. We had a lot of work in the kitchen and no time to go out for a bit of chilly Wind. After a few hours in the kitchen, we were able to make a break. My mother immediately noticed the breeze through the open window, and sat down next to it on the bench. The sight, as she was enjoying the fresh breeze, expressed my own feelings perfectly. So I pulled out my iPhone and took a photo of her.

The editing was easy because it was a good shot with good light and the iPhone was stabilized on the bench i was sitting. I loaded the photo in “Camera+” under “Crops” “Freeform” i adjusted the photo to a 16:9 close image. Then under “FX Effects”/ “Color” I added the “Redscale” Filter. To end I put the “vignette” “Borders” under “Simple”.


Today I was again on a walk on the Hummelberg. The protected area there is perfect to relax. I stopped at a bench to rest. The bench was standing with his back to the road, in the direction of the forest. The sight of the field with the trees, and the forest as background was fantastic. I rolled a cigarette and smoked it and enjoyed the sight. When it was time to begin the return path, I pulled out my iPhone and took a panorama photo with “DMD“.

The enhancing of the photo was quite simple. With “Camera+” I cut the photo so that the tree row ( left ) highlights better. Besides others, I did not like the branches of the tree on the right. Then I  added the “Clarity” filter under “Scenes”. For “Borders” i chose the “Vignette”, pressed done and save. Then I loaded it again in “Camera+” to add the “Thick Black” “Borders”.

The original photo:

Plant on the Wall

There are a lot of things that we pass by every day – small, beautiful things that may go unobserved or are taken for granted. Today i discovered a such thing,directly in front of my restaurant. I went out the door to smoke a cigarette. I placed my ashtray on a small wall. As I lower my head, to make the cigarette out, I saw the climbing plant of the wall for the first time from the top. I immediately pulled out my iphone, placed it very close to the plant and made the shot.I also made a second photo from the perspective I normally see the plant.

The enhancing was the same for both pictures. With “Camera+” i added the “Clarity” filter under “Scenes”, choose a “Freeform” under “Crops” and from “Borders” the “Thick Black”.

a other enhancing i did was “Clarity” from “Scenes” and “Vignette” under “Borders”:

How i normally see it:

The original photo:

Zippo NY

This is one of my early photos, I made ​​with “Instagram“. I like to smoke. I know it is not good for my health but I am a “pleasure smoker”. I have a small collection of 10 Zippo lighters. All of them are gifts. Every time a friend of mine is traveling and asks me what kind of souvenir he shut bring with for me. I answer a Zippo from “Hard Rock Cafe“. This one brought my brother from his trip to New York.

The filter is “Surto” with his borders. I like the angle. and that the colors of the bar and the Zippo look pretty much the same. The reflecting light takes all the attention.

Small Tree

Today I tried something new. I let myself be inspired by a blog post how to make HDR images. No, I did not a HDR image, but I did experimenting with layers. I chose a picture that I have made at a walk on the Hummelberg. The sky was clear with few  fluffy clouds. I took some photos but none I liked particularly. So it became my lab rat, for my experiments.The experiment looked like this.

 I’ve edited the original picture three times with “Dynamic light“. First I added the filter “Dutch Light”, then “Green Tint” and in the end, “Normal”. The second step was to open the three images in the “Filterstorm“. I let the layer with the “Dutch Light” image visible just in the sky. I set the visibility of the picture, with the “Green Tint” filter, so that it can only be seen in the center. I put the last picture so that it remains visible in the lower part. Then i pressed the “Flatten Image” button save to “Photos Library” and open in “Camera+” to add the “Thick White” “Borders”.

I kinda like the result. the sky looks Beautiful the grass is not too green and the tree in the center stands out from the others.

Was the editing right or wrong? How do you do that? Let me know. Leave a comment!

The original photo:

The on with “Dutch Light”:I love how the Clouds look here!

The one with “Green Tint”:

The on with “Normal” “Dynamic Light”: